LYNX Travel Training Program

Marketing trifold brochure to inform patrons how to ride
the bus properly and safely

LYNX Flyers

LYMMO and LYNX fact flyers to advertise bus services

Taste of the Disney Dream

Sample menu for all 3 restaurants on the Disney Dream Crusise Line

Bus Passes

Redesign of bus pass options for LYNX tickets

Doing Business with LYNX

Trifold brochure educating vendors
on how to establish a working relationship with LYNX

LYNX Event Posters

An array of campaign and event posters for LYNX

Agenda Brochure

Itinerary for Jeunesse LifeStyle Rewards Trip in
Prague & Budapest

How to Earn with Jeunesse

Marketing brochure with content educating new distributors on how to earn and build their business

Array by L.A. Clothing Catalog

Designed and sewed new fashion from used clothing to promote sustainability. Created a catalog to accompany
the clothing line.

Photography by:
Lindsay Agnew & Dennis Portella

Disney Menu Shells

Holiday themed menu shellshosted at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom