“A humming bird visits a thousand flowers a day. They can dive at sixty miles an hour.
They can fly backwards. They can fly more than five hundred miles without pausing to rest.”
-Brian Doyle

Hello, I’m Lindsay Agnew! I’m a creative graphic designer currently based in Central Florida with over 8 years of graphic design experience through many mediums; signage, vehicle wraps, branding, marketing, DIY projects and expo graphics to name a few. People have said I am constantly moving, energetic, and getting my hands dirty with new projects. I am by all means a people person;
I love interacting with everyone and it fuels me with the energy I need to continue creating art.
I have a passion for turning concepts and ideas into reality. 

When I’m not humming away on art projects I enjoy yoga, golfing, kayaking, riding my bike
and trying new recipes.