Artist & Designer

lindsay Agnew

Creative philosophy

I am a creator, but above all, I am a storyteller who brings brands to life. My unique talent lies in distilling complex ideas into captivating narratives that resonate universally. I am deeply passionate about harnessing imagination and creative thinking to understand people’s desires and challenges, translating this understanding into cultural creative opportunities for businesses and companies.

Drawing from my knowledge, life perspective, and imagination, I craft stories that vividly portray the journey and significance of each brand I collaborate with. My aim transcends mere information sharing – I strive to inspire. By assisting business owners in uncovering the deeper meaning of creativity and its pivotal role in brand success, I empower them to elevate their ventures.

In my capacity as a storyteller, I serve as a catalyst for change, offering insights and perspectives that transcend conventional wisdom. I am driven by the belief that by unraveling the mysteries of brand success, I can equip others with the tools they need to realize their aspirations.

Since my earliest days with a crayon or brush in hand, I’ve been immersed in the world of art, using whatever materials I could find. With over 15 years of creative experience, I’ve had the privilege of guiding start-ups and top Fortune 500 companies with innovative designs. Embracing creativity with an undefinable style and boundless ability allows my artistic skills to flourish in any project I undertake. 

Below are companies I have worked for and collaborated with.

Creative Services

Brand Identity

Logos, taglines, visual identity, style guides, brand guidelines and storytelling.

Theme Entertainment

Environmental graphic & design signage packages for resorts and attractions. Including operational signage, typography, custom graphics and concepts.

Digital Marketing

Strategize creative for Social Media campaigns & graphics, website graphics & designs, e-commerce graphics, amazon listing A+ content designs and more.

Custom Requests

Got a vision? Need something special created? Lets make it happen!

Product Development

Concepts, patterns, patches & embroidery, apparel, iconography, illustration and art direction

Print COllateral

Catalogs, flyers, mailers, brochures, event & expo graphics, business cards, magazines, invitations, large format signage, marketing printed materials,  product packaging, and vehicle wraps.


DIgital Makerting

Print & Catalogs


Vehicle Wraps

Logos & Icongprahy

Products & Packaging

UX Design




Orlando, FL.