Signage plays a crucial role in experiences, expos, events, and park attractions, as it excites people on their journey and aids in navigating their surroundings. By utilizing elements such as contrast, color, typography, and overall theme, signage engages viewers and enhances their experience. Below is a collection of signage designs I have created.

Test Track

Disney’s EPCOT

created the operational signage package for the Test Track attraction at EPCOT, emphasizing metallic paint and translucent acrylic to align with the automotive industry theme. I incorporated futuristic typefaces inspired by Chevrolet’s design process to enhance the technological aspect of the experience.

Sponsored by: General Motors

Here’s a behind-the-scenes story of how I navigated the design challenges while pioneering the use of 3M Controltac with blacklight ink for the SimCar graphics, making it the first attraction vehicle to feature this technology back in 2012.

To my surprise, Disney had no available architectural drawings of the attraction vehicle for reference that I could find in archives. This required some out-of-the-box thinking and a return to traditional methods. With scissors, tacky transfer paper, and a pencil, I ventured into the mechanical body shop to create a template.

After hand-illustrating the graphics directly onto the attraction vehicle using tacky transfer paper, I ensured easy removal and placement onto paper for digital scanning. Securing access to a large-scale format scanner at the WDI office, I scanned the hand-illustrated graphics to begin the digitalization process. I brought the template patterns into both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the artwork in color.

Another challenge was achieving the right color blue for the graphics. Given that the attraction vehicle transitions between indoor and outdoor environments during the ride, it was crucial for the blue hue to remain consistent throughout.

This necessitated experimentation with digital print test samples to ensure the blue hue was accurate in both daylight and under blacklight conditions. To achieve this, I required access to a black light room to fine-tune the color and ensure it met the desired specifications.

This experience exemplifies that innovation thrives on passion, experimentation, resilience, and continuous learning. As Walt Disney famously said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” and “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Enchanted Tiki Room

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Updated the operational signage package for the long-running tiki-themed animatronics show following a fire. To preserve the legacy of this iconic show, I hand-drew the original typeface from 1971, ensuring its history continues to thrive

Sorcerers scavenger hunT

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Created western wanted prop posters for an interactive game attraction called “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” which had different locations throughout the park. 

Piggy bank adventure

Disney’s EPCOT | Innovations

Designed and illustrated an exit attraction wall featuring rotating mechanical attachments concealed from view. The wall showcased a short story, emphasizing key points on achieving financial goals while guests exited the experience.

Sponsored by: T-Row Price Bank

Theme Park General signage

Disney’s World Parks & Resorts Epcot

Designed and specified signage materials in design intent drawings while adhering to specific creative themes for each park and resort.

office hQ Wall branding

Jeunesse Global

Designed large-format graphics to showcase the lifestyle house of brand products.


Terminal bay Wayfinding

LYNX – Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority

refreshed the customer information center wall and brochure box inside the terminal lobby with an updated design and artwork, incorporating branded colors for improved customer readability. Additionally, I updated the existing wayfinding and pricing signage at the main LYNX terminal to enhance readability and overall customer service experience.

City Water Tower

Ormond Beach, FL.

Created the artwork for the 75-feet-tall Ormond Beach water tower, situated near the intersection of Perrott Drive and Tomoka Avenue. The tower underwent extensive repairs, which served as inspiration for the new artwork adorning its structure.

Boat Tour Marquee & Signage

The Villages, Lake Sumter Landing Town Square

Designed new way-finding signage, a marquee, and incorporated themed props to enhance the experience for scenic boat tourists at this attraction. By adding elements like vintage paddle boards and a map where guests can mark their hometown with a pin, we introduced fun touches to the boat tour experience. Additionally, providing postcards reminds guests of the rich history of the lake, which they will discover by the skipper during the scenic tour.

LIMU Event Backdrops

A series of branded pop-up graphics used for expos & events.

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