UX Design

The strategic use of visuals and design guides users through their journey on websites, facilitating easy access to information and enhancing engagement with brands. This approach not only improves usability but also fosters a stronger connection between users and the brand. By meticulously selecting colors, adhering to style guides, ensuring cohesiveness across the platform, and effectively communicating brand values, it ultimately results in a more positive and memorable experience for users.

Best Sellers Amazon A+ Content Template

Legendary Whitetails

Designed the overall A+ Content Page template for Best Sellers, featuring sections that highlight the brand’s top-selling categories. The design includes a header with product photography and name, an Amazon review section with star ratings for validation, and highlights of 2-3 top product features. Additionally, there are close-up detailed shots and callouts to showcase product details effectively. The page also includes a size guide and a how-to-measure section to aid customers in determining the right fit and size for comfort.

Amazon A+ Content Page

Panama Jack

Updated and redesigned the header for the overall Amazon storefront, incorporating brand identity elements and values. Additionally, created an A+ Content homepage focusing on brand identity, values, history, and key product categories for the Panama Jack line of products.

LIMU post event flyer generator

The LIMU Company

As part of the LIMU Post project, I designed 10 new branding flyers tailored specifically for independent promoters. These branded flyers cover a range of events and initiatives, including training sessions, parties, promotions for the LIMU Lean product, team calls, and incentive programs. Each flyer is crafted to align seamlessly with the LIMU brand identity while effectively communicating key event details and enticing potential participants. The goal of these flyers is to provide promoters with visually compelling and professionally designed assets to promote their events on social media platforms, thereby driving engagement and participation.

Product Feature Graphics

Panama Jack

Designed branded product listing infographics to highlight key features and inclusions for sales, providing users with visual aids alongside product descriptions.

Product Landing Page

The LIMU Company

I created a product landing page on Amazon for the LIMU Company, LIMU ORIGINAL® . The creative showcases this best-selling Fucoidan-rich nutritional supplement on the market. It features captivating visuals, concise headlines, and clear calls-to-action. Key features, customer reviews, and benefits are highlighted to drive conversions effectively.

Ice Cream Delivery App 

This project features a concept mock-up for an Ice Cream Delivery App, showcasing three main screens. The first screen is the login screen, prominently featuring the app’s branding elements such as the name and logo to establish brand identity from the outset. The second screen is the map screen, displaying the locations of different ice cream trucks on a map interface, providing users with real-time information on nearby options. Finally, the third screen is the order screen, where users can select their desired items and place orders seamlessly within the app interface. Each screen is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing, offering a glimpse into the potential functionality and design aesthetics of the Ice Cream Delivery App.

Click the link to interactive Mock-up.

Website Design

Performance Automall

I led the design of a website for Performance Automall, focusing on car sales and user engagement. The site includes essential features like contact and about us pages, using captivating photography and adhering to brand style guides for consistency. The contact page facilitates communication, while the about us section offers insights into the dealership’s values. Throughout the site, I maintained visual cohesion with the brand’s colors, typography, and imagery. Overall, the website serves as a platform for showcasing inventory and fostering customer relationships.

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