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Developing packaging and products requires creativity, market insights, and technical expertise. It starts by understanding consumer needs, market trends, and brand objectives. Then, it involves ideation, design, and manufacturing to create visually appealing, functional items aligned with the company’s brand values. Effective packaging communicates product features, attracts customers, and ensures product protection. It’s a blend of creativity, market research, and technical knowledge, incorporating color, typography, and visuals to engage customers effectively.


Jeunesse Global

Designed the packaging label and box for M1ND, featuring CERA-Q™, a dietary supplement clinically shown to support memory and reduce mental distraction, as part of the Jeunesse Products Yes System. Incorporated a molecule pattern and the color yellow to enhance consumer awareness of the citrus lemon flavor and scientific attributes this product offers and its benefits.

Hat Development

Panama Jack

Here is an array of hat products that I was involved in reviewing from development to completion, in collaboration with the Dorfman Milano PJ License Team and Internal Panama Jack team. During reviews I suggested materials, color SKUs, logo treatments, types of artwork, patterns, and any custom graphic art needed for the hats. I also provided input on the position of branding and color specifications to ensure consistency and to deliver high-quality products that align with the Panama Jack brand identity.

Palm Tree Mirror Sunglasses

Panama Jack

In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, Panama Jack unveiled a special limited edition pair of mirror sunglasses complete with a foldable case. Collaborating closely with the Foster Grant PJ License team, we meticulously crafted the graphics and selected the perfect style of glasses that embodied the essence of the Panama Jack brand.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s iconic heritage with palm tree artwork, we opted for a timeless aviator design, synonymous with classic vintage beachwear that has been adorning beachgoers for decades. These sunglasses not only pay homage to Panama Jack’s rich history but also exude a sense of nostalgia and effortless style that resonates with its loyal fan base.

The foldable case adds a practical yet stylish touch, making these sunglasses the ultimate accessory for sun-seekers and adventurers alike. With their sleek design and mirrored lenses, they embody the spirit of adventure and relaxation that defines the Panama Jack experience.

Sunglasses Pattern Art

Panama Jack

Designed the floral pattern graphics for these kids’ purple surf sunglasses. Reviewed the eyewear line with the Foster Grant PJ License team and updated the artwork to incorporate tropical flowers and leaves, enhancing the beach lifestyle aesthetic.

Flavorless lip balm

Panama Jack

An addition to the Panama Jack Lip Balm family, this flavorless lip balm stick features packaging colors chosen to evoke a sense of cleanliness and clarity, reflecting its flavorless nature to the consumer. The selection of Unearthed Panama Jack character artwork is cohesive with the other fruity lip balm flavor sticks, ensuring consistency across the product line. Additionally, the addition of green leaves adds a tropical flair, enhancing the overall feeling of the Panama Jack lifestyle.

Lifeguard Tower Sun Hat

Panama Jack

A lifeguard hat designed to evoke nostalgia by featuring archived artwork from past sun care packaging, celebrating 50 years of Panama Jack. The patch and underbrim showcase imagery reminiscent of Sunset Beach, with the underbrim artwork updated to fit the dimensions. Furthermore, the Lifeguard Panama Jack logo has been redesigned to depict a straw lifeguard hat, enhancing the overall nostalgic charm of the “It’s a Panama Jack® kind of feeling!.” I also collaborated closely with the Dorfman Milano PJ License team to deliver artwork and specifications.

Cap patches

Panama Jack

Designed a diverse range of cap patches for the Panama Jack headwear line in collaboration with the Dorfman Milano PJ License team. Conducted thorough reviews of renders and sample caps to ensure that colors, materials, and quality were aligned with the overall brand standards and identity..

LED Dog Leash

Little Light Lab

Designed to keep your dog safer than ever! This innovative leash includes a USB charger for hassle-free recharging. The packaging prominently displays key features on the front: bright glow, rechargeable, lasting up to 12 hours per charge, and blinking for enhanced visibility. On the back, detailed information about these features is provided. The packaging color was thoughtfully selected to evoke a nighttime ambiance and improve the leash’s visibility. With upgraded materials and added length, this leash offers both style and functionality for you and your furry companion.

Test track vinylmation

Handcrafted a Mickey Vinylmation figure using leftover material from the Test Track SimCar. Additionally, I wrapped both the interior and exterior of the packaging, as well as the Vinylmation toy itself, utilizing leftover wrap material that features a digital print designed to glow under black light. This was applied on 3M Controltac with sparkle laminate for a visually appealing finish.

Featured in Adobe / Behance Toy Design, 2013.


I’ve developed five athletic lifestyle products exclusively for athletes. Each product seamlessly blends sports terminology with bold, oversized typography, capturing the energetic essence of an active lifestyle.

From performance-enhancing supplements to recovery aids, these products are designed to inspire and empower athletes to push their limits and embrace their passion for sports. Featuring dynamic graphics and functional designs, they resonate with athletes of all levels, whether they’re hitting the gym, heading to practice, or simply living an active lifestyle.

These products are the perfect companions for athletes who are dedicated to their sport, providing support and motivation every step of the way.


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