Here are some of my art and design projects, showcasing a unique blend of abilities and skill sets. From applying creativity across different mediums to crafting fun marketing pieces and works of art, these projects demonstrate my diverse background and creative expertise.

Magnolia Mural Project

Orlando, Fl.

The chosen design for the mural on the Magnolia/Jackson Parking Garage near the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts captures the essence of Orlando’s vibrant performing arts scene. Selected by a distinguished art committee from a large pool of submissions, this design reflects the city’s identity and cultural significance. It will stand as a magnificent centerpiece, celebrating Orlando’s creativity, diversity, and passion for the arts. As a testament to the profound impact of the performing arts on the community, this mural will showcase the city’s artistic spirit for years to come.

Concept: Illustrating the vibrant Performing Arts Culture of Orlando
Photo Credit: Mark Englert (first photo)


687 Spin Game

Disney’s Cruise Line: The Disney Dream

A game designed for guests to enjoy in the 687 Lounge aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship. Each icon on the game board offers a unique experience or prize when landed upon. The game board itself was fabricated from wood, featuring debossed and silkscreened designs for a tactile and visually appealing experience.

character Stamps

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Designed inspired by African patterns and art, these stamps were created for a kids’ art play station to color in at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort. Adhering to the resort’s branding guidelines, these stamps featured beloved characters, enriching the play experience for young guests while staying true to the resort’s theme and identity.

Event Giveaway Items

LYNX | Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority

Microfiber Cloth, Gum Package, and Stain Remover Stick crafted as marketing materials and giveaways for LYNX events, contributing to brand visibility and rewarding loyal customers

Clothing Tags

Array by L.A. | Sustainable Clothing Line

Digitally printing clothing sizing labels on recycled fabric scraps promotes sustainability and adds an eco-friendly touch to products, capturing the essence of the idea succinctly and persuasively.

Other Collections

digital marketing
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Orlando, FL.