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Clothing Tags

Tags for Array by L.A. digitally printed on fabric from recycled clothing scraps

Disney Cruise Line Wish Book

 Book and cover graphics where guests can write their wishes while aboard the Disney Dream

Book binder & maker: Monica Holtsclaw

Magnolia Mural Project Contest

Concept: Depict the Performing Arts culture & what is symbolizes for the City of Orlando

Design was selected by an art Committee out of 50+ artists. As the winner, will art direct
the mural 
for a 7 story parking garage 

Location: Mangnolia/Jackson Parking Garage near Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Photography By: Mark Englert (first photo)

687 Spin Game

A game for Guests to play in the 687 Lounge on the Disney Dream. When landing on each icon
you receive a different experience or prize.

Game board was fabricated, debossed and silkscreened on wood

Gold Coin

A coin for the ribbon cutting event at Jeunesse Global headquarters in Lake Mary, FL.

Inaugural Sticker

 Adhering to the Disney Dream style guide, designed the sticker for guests during the inaugural cruise.

Animal Kingdom Stamps

Following style guide at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort, created approved character graphics for the kids art play station

LYNX Event Giveaways

MircoFiber Cloth, gum package and stain remover stick for marketing materials and giveaways during LYNX events

Chinese Zodiac Icons

Minimalist design of familiar symbols